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Tower Cancer Research Foundation

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Tower Cancer Research Foundation provides grants for clinical trials, innovative research, caring patient support and community education, primarily in Southern California, to promote more effective treatments for cancer and blood disorders.


Understanding the mechanisms by which cancer develops and spreads is an essential step towards effectively treating and preventing the disease. That is why each year Tower prides itself on fostering scientific creativity by awarding grant funding to innovative, imaginative, outside the box research aimed at unlocking cancer's most basic secrets.

Tower's legacy of supporting high impact research and clinical trials includes research that resulted in the approval of 15 new cancer drugs and the expansion of treatment options for cancer patients all over the world. To carry on this tradition, each year Tower awards a multitude of scientific grants from one year $100,000 Career Development Awards to five year $500,000 Senior Investigator Awards to multi-year $1,000,000 Discovery Funds.

Tower has developed a stellar reputation for professionally vetting research programs and maximizing the impact of donor-investors, regardless of the size of the investment. Many of the talented, young physician scientists that Tower funded in the past have gone on to receive additional multi-year grants for the development of new treatments. Since 2006, Tower has invested in the unconventional ideas of 34 young scientists. The result of their research attracted additional funding making Tower's initial investment of approximately $2.5 million grow to nearly $35 million.

Most recently, in 2017 Tower awarded $400,000 in Career Development Grants to four young scientists for their research in Melanoma, Leukemia and Prostate Cancer. That same year, Tower awarded over $1,000,000 in Senior Investigator Grants to support the study of breast cancer. 


When cancer is diagnosed, the patient and entire family are affected. While medical treatment is the first step, this alone is not enough. The Magnolia House, the support division of Tower, is dedicated to helping cancer patients and their loved ones optimize wellness and quality of life. Tower provides an array of free fitness, therapeutic and holistic programs that empower participants to develop a physical and emotional tool kit to meet the challenges of the disease from diagnosis to survivorship.

Tower also recognizes the value of survivorship support throughout the broader Southern California community. Through Community Partner Grants, the Foundation is able to extend the reach of their patient support efforts to include under-served patients. Recipients of these grant funds in 2017 include Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Martin Luther King, Jr Medical Center, Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA, CSULB Research Foundation, and Project Angel Food.